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We are a niche website specialising in preparing motivated candidates for the GP entry (SRA) assessments be it new trainees or GP returners. Our core focus has always been to provide quality, high-yield questions with detailed feedback on a simple and straightforward website. Our resources have been channelled into providing you with the kind of questions that you will face in your exam. We constantly review our questions, research what questions are likely to come up in the exam, update them or purge them depending on the feedback we receive. Quality questions and not simply quantity is what our customers appreciate and through word of mouth and positive opinion we have continued to do what we do best since 2009. So much so, even our competitors buy our subscriptions! Our materials are deliberately priced at the premium end. We are not aiming for the mass market – we want our limited subscribers to have a real edge over their peers in what is not simply a pass/fail exam but a competitive job interview where every single point counts!

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    GP Stg 2 (SRA) - 3-14 Jan 2019

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    GP Stg 3 Selection Ctr - 4-15 Feb 2019

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