Australian Exams

Our packages include:

  • AMC CAT – Over 1000 SBA for the Australian Medical Council assessment process for IMGs.
  • AGPT CAAKT –  Over 1400 clinical questions and 170 SJT questions for the Australian GP training entrance exam. 

Why choose MCQbank to help you with your Australian Exams?

We have a decade of experience of successfully preparing UK candidates for GP entry which has not been lost on the Australian market.

As one of our customers from down under puts it "Most candidates who sign up for a pre-exam course are directed to your question banks. The contents are not fundamentally different across the board when it comes to general practice; what differences there are can usually be spotted pretty quickly and easily confirmed in Aussie sources such as Murtagh, the bible of Australian general practice."

We have innovative features to maximise your chances of success such as the Pearson VUE mode, comparison charts with other candidates, advanced question timing tools, the ability to search for keywords through your test history, flexible exam set-ups, and the convenient ability to pause/resume your exam.