GP ST Stage 3 - Selection Centre

Why choose MCQbank's Home Study Course to help you in your Stage 3 preparation?


 We have compiled 96 different scenarios (27 written exercises, 69 simulated consultations - 23 each with a patient, relative & colleague) each with detailed feedback written by our group of experienced GPs. We also have 33 video consultations of candidates tackling the scenarios along with our expert feedback on how the candidate performed.

Practice makes perfect. Its great going on a day course but afterwards your skills start to atrophy. Its like attending the ALS course, for the first few days afterwards you will feel very confident in dealing with very sick patients but soon afterwards your skills will begin to wane. You will need to practice everyday up until the day of your assessment.

Scenarios are often repeated. We have included scenarios from 2010-2019 entry given to us by previous year's candidates. Please note that the scenarios may differ slightly from the actual scenarios used as they have been provided "2nd hand", however we believe we have compiled an accurate representation of the scenarios used last year along with our own feedback and interpretation.

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