Situational Judgement Tests for medical students

Situational Judgement Tests or SJTs will be used from 2013 onwards to form part of the selection process to the Foundation Programme. They are a measurement method of aptitude for employment and the FY1 SJT is designed to assess the professional attributes expected of a Foundation doctor.

Exam format (70 questions in 2 hours 20 mins)

There will be two item formats:
  1. Ranking - Rank five possible responses in the most appropriate order (worth a maximum of 20 marks each).
  2. Multiple Best Answer - Select the three most appropriate responses for the situation (worth a maximum of 12 marks each).
  • The paper will consist of approximately two-thirds ranking questions and one third multiple best answer questions.
  • The choice of response options reflects the scenario content and is the appropriate format to both provide and elicit the information needed.
    • For example, the nature of some scenarios and the possible responses to them lend themselves to ranking items (requiring the ability to differentiate between singular actions that vary in appropriateness in response to a scenario), whereas some scenarios lend themselves to multiple choice items (where it is necessary to do more than one thing/tackle more than one aspect in response to a scenario).
  • Once all SJTs have been scored, the range of scores will be translated to a 0-50 point scale to one decimal point, where the highest SJT score will receive 50 points and the lowest SJT score 0 points.

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